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Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Wellness Services in Desoto, Texas

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If you are not satisfied with any of our services, please let us know so we can correct it. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied after our attempt to solve the problem, that we will provide you with a full refund.

Count on Solutions Health & Rehabilitation in Desoto, Texas, for a variety of pain management, physical therapy, massage therapy, and wellness services. We specialize in relief for those who are suffering from physical and/or mental pain.

Pain Management Services
When troubles are overwhelming, we offer programs for recovery.

Work Injury – If you are injured at work, come see us at Solutions Health and Rehab. We have been successfully treating Federal Workman’s Compensation cases and we are an approved Federal Workman’s Compensation provider. Our physical therapist will create a treatment plan that is custom-designed to treat your condition and circumstances, and we will help ensure that you receive proper compensation by working with legal and financial representatives on your behalf. Specific exercise and training similar to your on the job activities may be incorporated.

Auto Accident Injury – Patients recovering from an auto accident injury greatly benefit from physical therapy. We use therapeutic exercises help to restore balance, strength, and range of motion. Our equipment is very effective in helping our patients return to pre-injury status, and are just some of the unique aides we have in our facility!

Sports Injuries – Sports injuries are not uncommon and can be either acute (e.g., sprains, fractures, tears, etc.) or chronic (e.g., tendinitis, overuse, etc.). Our experts use strength and stretching exercises to restore range of motion with joints and flexibility of muscles.

Counseling Services
Due to your pain experience being both perceptual (i.e., how you notice it) and structural (i.e., your bodily changes from actue and/or chronic injuries), part of how you can reduce and/or eliminate your pain is by working with a professional counselor.  Our counselors specialize in new and established pain management methods, including how to help you make emotional, cognitive, and behavioral shifts on a consistent basis.  Additionall, recent advances in studying the brain have shown that engaging with an effective counselor, like the ones at SHR, can have both short- and long-term benefits to neurological structure and function.  In other words, our counseling can help you produce your own analegsia and healing. Count on us for counseling services including our:


• Federal Worker's Compensation Counseling
• Divorce Recovery
• Family Therapy
• Anger Management
• Family Violence and Domestic Violence Courses
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

• Personal Success Coaching
• Business Coaching
• Corporate Coaching and Training
• Low-Ropes Coaching
• Group Coaching

We can also develop other coaching and counseling programs and workshops for your needs.

Relaxing Spa Services
Everybody needs a place to go to escape the stress of life. Our spa is like a little get-away in the city for people who seek relaxation. Find relief from your stress with expertise of our massage therapy. Watch for our monthly drawings for gift cards and much more.


• Pain Management Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Weight Loss Programs• Personal and Auto Injuries
• Theraputic Chair Massages
• Full Body Massages

• Hydro Massage (Aqua Massage)
• Ultrasound Therapy
• Chriopractic Adjustments
• Personal and Auto Injuries
• Foot Detoxification

Contact us about hosting your own Private Spa Retreat!

Service You Can TRUST

Since 1995, we've been assisting our clients to find better balance in their lives.  Our service is unparalleled because we offer such a wide range of options and events to meet your needs. When transportation is an issue, we can assist. We offer a lot of things here for free that a lot of other companies would charge for.

A Word about Larry Washington
Mr. Larry G. Washington is a self-described conduit of new and improved ways of solving our problems and meeting our needs. Larry believes that there is a solution for every problem under the sun.  We can put our heads together and go and find it.


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